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Active people working out on exercise stationary bicycle

A 20 Minute Cycle Workout You Can Do Indoors

In today’s world, it seems like everyone has an excuse not to exercise. Between the hectic schedules of modern life and the abundance of unhealthy foods and beverages we have at…


Incredible Health Advantages of Indoor Cycling!

Indoor cycling sometimes referred to as spinning, is a high-intensity exercise that emphasises endurance and stamina. Specifically designed stationary bikes with weighted pedals that can generally be adjusted to the user's preferences are…


Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds

There are many different types of dogs: terriers, retrievers, spaniels, hounds, and more. Each one has its own specific personality traits that make them stand out from others. So it really…


How Climate Change Will Impact Future

In a recent paper, I wrote about the impact of climate change on agricultural production, young trees, and women's livelihoods. Although these issues are largely abstract, climate change is already affecting…


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