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Princess of hill stations: Kodaikanal

Hill tourism is becoming more popular as a result of the cooler climate, improved environment, and attractive tourist sites.

Kodaikanal is a popular and growing tourist destination. There is a lot of potential in Tamil Nadu for the growth of tourism The pleasant weather, Parks, lakes, and other scenic spots are available Travelers love it, and there are a lot of them. The number of visitors to this location is growing each year. Kodaikanal is a well-known hill station in the Palani mountain range. It stands at a height of 6990 feet. The Tamil terms Kodai and Kanal have been combined to form Kodaikanal. It has four meanings when translated into Tamil: “Place to see summer,” “the end of the forest,” “forest of creepers,” and “gift of the forest.” The player tribal people were among the first to settle in Kodaikanal.

The Kodaikanal and Palani hills are mentioned in early Common Era Tamil Sangham literature. In 1845, American Christian missionaries and British administrators founded modern-day Kodaikanal as a sanctuary from the plains’ extreme heat and tropical sickness. During the twentieth century, a few wealthy Indians recognized the worth of this picturesque hill station and began migrating here because of the year-round cool climate.

This exotic hill station is blessed with awe-inspiring natural beauty, and the good weather only adds to its allure, making the journey even more enjoyable for the whole family. It’s still a hidden gem of natural beauty waiting to be discovered. Thalaiyar Falls, for example, is still a lovely half-day excursion. While visiting the falls, you can explore a few different areas of interest. Coaker’s Walk is similar in that it is both lovely and soothing.

It has a moderate inclination, but it arcs around with a hill as it ascends, making it less difficult to climb. One is greeted at the top with a breathtaking vista of the entire valley below. It is suggested that you go for a stroll early in the morning. You’ll also be able to observe the fog roll away across the valley, which is a unique experience because you’ll finally be higher than the fog. The stroll is only around a kilometer long, so it is on the short side. It’s a sight to behold as the sun rises above the valley’s edge and the sunshine skips through the fog.

The location also provides a fantastic golfing experience with its superb 18-hole course. It’s a pleasant way to fritter away an afternoon while playing a course you’ve probably never seen before. Take a walk up the Dolphin Nose and enjoy the view of the Kodaikanal valley. The path is much narrower than the others. When you get near the edge, you’ll enjoy a spectacular view that can stretch for a hundred kilometers into the horizon on a clear day. As you make your way back down, you can see a few settlements down in the valley, not to mention the sound of local birds chirping. The indigenous flora can also be seen along the trail.