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Skincare: 5 simple tips to maintain healthy skin

Beautiful skincare and a healthy way of life can help to delay the effects of natural aging and avoid a variety of skin disorders. Start with any of these five no-nonsense pointers to get things moving.

1.Make sure you are protected from the sun.

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to take good care of it. Years of exposure to the sun can result in wrinkles, age spots, and other skin disorders – not to mention an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

Excessive sun exposure requires reapplying sunscreen every two hours.  Stay out of the sun around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Wear protective gear. Wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and wide-brimmed hats. Consider using laundry additives that add an extra layer of UV protection for a limited time, or buying sun-protective clothing made to block UV rays.

2.Don’t smoke

Smoking ages the skin and causes wrinkles. In the outer layers of skin, microscopic blood vessels shrink, reducing blood flow and making the skin paler. This depletes the skin of essential nutrients and oxygen.  Causing collagen and elastin fibers to break down, smoking causes skin damage. Exhaling with your lips pursed and your eyes closed to prevent smoke might cause wrinkles. It also increases the risk of basal cell carcinoma. Quit smoking to protect your skin. Talk with your doctor for help quitting smoking.

3.Healthy Diet

A nutritious diet can improve your appearance and mood. Be sure to get your greens and lean proteins. A diet high in fish oil or fish oil supplements and low in harmful fats and processed or refined carbs may encourage youthful-looking skin. Getting enough water keeps your skin moisturized.

4.Manage stress

Stress can cause your skin more sensitive, causing acne and other skin issues. Stress management is important for healthy skin and a healthy mind. Have enough sleep, set acceptable limitations, reduce your to-do list, and schedule fun activities. The results may surprise you.

5.Gentle skin care

Daily washing and shaving can cause skin damage.   Hot water and extended baths eliminate skin oils. Use warm water instead of hot water in the bath or shower.    Heavy cleaners can dry out the skin. Rather, use mild cleaners. Apply shaving cream, lotion, or gel to protect and lubricate your skin. Use a clean, sharp razor to shave close. Shave towards the hair’s direction, not against it.  After bathing or washing, gently massage or blot dry your skin to retain some moisture.  Use a moisturizer made for your skin type if it’s dry.